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YMCB – Young Migrants Capacity Building

An innovative approach towards creating the appropriate ecosystem to support young migrant entrepreneurship through education & training, mentoring and access to finance

Evidence has shown that migrants are more likely to start businesses than their native-born peers (OECD, International Migration Outlook, 2011). However, entrepreneurship among migrants can only in part be explained as a result of the migration selection process. For many migrants (both low or high-skilled), entrepreneurship is a strategy to overcome obstacles with regard to labour market integration and to upward social mobility. Creating the appropriate ecosystem - with targeted training and education (and education of trainers), mentoring, networking, financial support - is thus crucial to enabling prospective entrepreneurs to fulfil their dreams and reach their objectives; exactly what the project YMCB is seeking to accomplish in Austria, Belgium, Italy and the Netherlands.

In this project, ZSI is leading WP3 which comprises of developing and implementing a mentoring scheme in the target countries.



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Tags: capacity building, entrepreneurship, equal opportunities, migration

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Programm: (pilot action, funded outside a specific programme)

Projekt Status: Abgeschlossen

Von/Bis: 01/2019 - 01/2021

Laufzeit: 25 Monate


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