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Austrian Platform for Research and Technology Policy Evaluation

Promoting better evaluations for research and innovation policy

ZSI hosts and leads fteval since July (resp. May) 2012 by providing the general management and the secretariat.

Being host of fteval, ZSI provides the following services:

  • information collection
  • meta-analysis of evaluation studies
  • organisation of RTDI evaluation trainings
  • organisation of RTDI evaluation relevant workshops and trainings
  • establishing of RTDI evaluation standards with partners
  • promotion of RTDI evaluation in Austria and abroad


Objectives of fteval:

The mission of the Platform Research & Technology Policy Evaluation is to encourage more, better, and more transparent evaluations for an optimal strategic planning of RTD-policy (Research, Technology, Development) in Austria, as well as to develop a culture of evaluation together with decision-makers in the field of Austrian technology and research policy.


Backgrounds of fteval:

Founded in 1996 as an informal cooperation, the Platform Research & Technology Policy Evaluation aims at presenting approaches and methods of evaluation and discussing the current evaluation practice on an international level, thus contributing to the development of a culture of evaluation in Austria. In November 2006, its members re-founded the Platform Research & Technology Policy Evaluation as a society.


Scope of work of fteval:

International and national experts in the field of evaluation are invited to exchange ideas within the scope of our platform events and newsletters in order to arouse growing interest among Austrian clients of evaluations and evaluators. Our central concern was to formulate and publish evaluation standards.


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