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Engaging and debating nanotechnology on media channels to European citizens


NANOCHANNELS designed and undertook a programme of communication, dialogue, and engagement in issues of nanotechnology (NT) aimed at European citizens. The processes of this project provided stakeholders and the lay public with opportunities to engage in NT debates, which built trust and contributed to achieving a social consensus in the development and implementation of NT.

NANOCHANNELS has assembled a strong Consortium with partners experienced in mass media, educational methodology and science communication, as well as organisations highly suited and experienced in arranging outreach and communication activities for the public and schools. Nanochannels is coordinated by the Israeli educational network ORT.

The aim of NANOCHANNELS was to undertake a well-designed programme of communication, engagement and debate, which:


  1. Informed and communicated with stakeholders and the European lay public using a mix of media, web, and live channels about innovations and controversies associated with nanotechnologies.
  2. Facilitated and encouraged stakeholders and the public to participate in dialogues, debates concerning the innovation, applications, risks, ethical, legal and societal aspects of NT
  3. Engaged the European public as a step towards the negotiation of a responsible consensus and building social trust concerning NT issues.

Having achieved these objectives enabled the partners to deliver sound recommendations to the European Commission concerning governance and best practice for communication of NT issues within the EU.

Project intermediray results and information campaign:

Nano Technology World online at  the Guardian. Take a closer look at the technology changing our lives:


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Von/Bis: 01/2011 - 06/2012

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