2. Nov 2020

Results Pack on CORDIS emphasising on the Black Sea

Black Sea Horizon was a Horizon2020 funded project involving 18 partners and ZSI as coordinator, it contributed to the policy dialogue between the EU and the Black Sea countries. The main aim was to enhance STI policy dialogue in the region and to provide specific support for increased particpation in Horizon2020 and facilitating innovation cooperation, all in view of better cooperation of the region with EU member states. Considering many ongoing developments, CORDIS has approached the coordinators of Black Sea related activities to prepare a CORDIS Result package

The CORDIS Result package gives insight in a number of related projects, while Black Sea Horizon had a strong horizontal and networking approach, a number of projects and initiatives have since that closure of the project worked on thematic issues that request enhanced cooperation. Specific goals of projects now encompas the main water bodies in the region, at the foremost the Black Sea and its tributaries. Thematic coverage of recent projects include the set up of a Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) for the Black Sea; assessments on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the European Green Deal.

The Results Pack includes also information on Black Sea Horizon and the important activities following the current development paths in the region.

As coordinator of Black Sea Horizon and on behalf of the partnership, the ZSI has shared its opionion and experiences to contribute to the CORDIS Results Pack.

CORDIS Result package


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