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Policy brief by ZSI experts P. Brugner and K. Schuch landed!
Café Europa: Unsere Nachbarn im Osten
EaP PLUS conducts three more webinars in July
Looking beyond 2020 in EU-EaP STI cooperation: Where does the journey lead to?
EaP PLUS final event taking place in Brussels on June 11, 2019!
Mélange Diplomatique mit Philipp Brugner – Die Europäischen Jugendbotschafter
Meeting with two Speakers of the EaP PLUS Info Day & Workshop held in Armenia
EaP PLUS welcomes its new partner in Moldova
PSF Recommendations for overhaul of Georgia's innovation system
Two new webinars coming up as part of the EaP Plus webinar series
Black Sea Horzon Workshop on the Black Sea Cooperation Programme
PSF Georgia STI Review Kick-off
EaP PLUS grants for preparation of H2020 proposals
Launching of the new H2020 Project EaP PLUS
PSF Background report on the Moldovan Research and Innovation System published
PSF Background Report published: Science, technology and innovation in Ukraine
PSF Peer Review Group meets in Ukraine
IncoNet EaP Targeted Call for EU-Eastern Partnership Twinning Teams
Recommendations to modernise Research and Innovation in Moldova presented
EaP STI Evaluation Platform: MoU signed
Horizon 2020 Association Launching Workshop and Info Day in Armenia
PSF Peer review of the Ukrainian STI system started
S&T Policy Mix Peer Review Georgia completed (IncoNet EaP)
Expertise and Evaluation of Research Projects in EaP countries
High interest in ener2i Innovation Voucher Competition Georgia
S&T Policy Mix Peer Reviews
BLACK SEA HORIZON - Successful project start!
ener2i Innovation Voucher Competition in Georgia – Call for Applications
Brokerage Event in Frankfurt am Main/ Germany
Call for Twinning Activities
ener2i Brokerage Event and Country Reports
Call for evaluators in the field of nano-sciences/nano-technologies


Café Europa: Unsere Nachbarn im Osten
EaP PLUS HORIZON 2020 Info Day and brokerage event
IncoNet EaP Winter School "Energy Efficiency" - International Project Management - from Theory to Practice
ener2i and SECURE R2I events in Georgia
European Parliament Conference on R&D cooperation with ENP Countries
Seminar on Research and Innovation Policy (for Eastern Partnership countries)


STI Policy Recommendations: EU-EaP Beyond 2020
PSF Report: Analysis of the Georgian RTI system
The Role of Smart Specialisation in the EU Enlargement and Neighbourhood Policies
PSF Background Report: Peer Review of the Moldovan Research and Innovation System
PSF Peer Review Report on Moldova's Research & Innovation System
PSF Report: Science, technology and innovation (STI) in Ukraine
S&T Policy Mix Peer Review Moldova. Report on the review of the Moldovan S&T Policy Mix


Support to the EU-Eastern Partnership (EaP) research and innovation cooperation
Assessing progress towards the ERA integration of the associated ENP countries
Pan-European twinning to re-establish world-level Neuroscience Centre in Kiev
Strengthening Research Development and Innovation in Higher Education in Azerbaijan
PSF Specific Support to Georgia
STI International Cooperation Network for Eastern Partnership Countries Plus
PSF Peer Review of the Ukrainian Research and Innovation System
PSF Peer Review of the Moldovan Research and Innovation System
ener2i - ENErgy Research to Innovation
IncoNet EaP
IncoNet EECA: S&T International Cooperation Network für Osteuropa und Zentralasien