PSF Peer Review Group meets in Ukraine

27. Sep 2016

2nd on-site visit to review the Ukrainian system of RTI

At the beginning of September 2016, the 2nd site visit of international experts took place in Ukraine to share the first findings of the PSF Panel of Experts on the RTI situation in Ukraine. These findings were based on thorough desk research and their first findings from their visit to Ukraine at the beginning of June 2016. Then the Peer Review mission included interviews with dozens of officers and stakeholders from Ukraine as well as debrief-meetings for the Panel and representatives of the Commission services. To discuss the gained insights, the Panel prepared preliminary policy options, which have been shared with MESU, who is the client of this peer review exercise, to collect feedback and to eliminate potential factual errors.

Curently the PSF Panel of Experts draft the final draft report of the "Peer Review of the Ukrainian Research and Innovation System". This report will include analysis and operational policy recommendations, with supporting evidence gathered during the Peer Review process. It is expected to be finalised in December 2016.

The Panel is chaired by Prof. Hans Chang, Former Director, Royal Academy of Sciences of the Netherlands. Rapporteur is Klaus Schuch, scientific director of ZSI.

The Policy Support Facility (PSF) is a tool set up by the European Commission – DG Research & Innovation – under Horizon 2020, the EU’s funding programme for research and innovation (R&I), to support EU Member States and countries associated to Horizon 2020 in improving the design, implementation and evaluation of national R&I policies.

The Peer Reviews of national R&I systems are one of the main services offered by the PSF. Peer Reviews constitute an in-depth assessment of a country’s R&I system carried out by a panel of international experts at the country’s demand. The Panel formulates concrete and operational recommendations to the national authorities on the reforms which are necessary to improve and strengthen the quality of the national R&I system.

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