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8. Apr 2016

RRI in South East Europe

The FP7-funded RRI Tools project (2014-2016) is implemented with the objective to deliver a participatory set of digital resources - ‘the RRI Toolkit’ - to advocate, train, disseminate and implement RRI. So far, the project has gathered a wealth of online resources from all over Europe and developed new ones – the RRI Toolkit – to help stakeholders (researchers, policy-makers, business and industry, educators and civil society organizations) across Europe - including South East Europe, to put Responsible Research and Innovation into practice. The RRI Toolkit is online since March 2016. Collaborating with all stakeholders, the project ultimately aims at creating a Community of Practice in Europe, which will ensure the use, evolution and enrichment of the Toolkit. RRI Tools is being carried out by a consortium of 26 partners extending across 30 countries of the European Research Area, and is coordinated by "La Caixa" Foundation (Spain). ZSI is also part of the RRI Tools project beeing responsible for Austria/Slovenia Hub. recently spoke to representatives of the Center for the Promotion of Science (CPN) from Belgrade, Serbia which acts as the Southeast (SEE) Hub Coordinator in Serbia, Croatia, Albania, Montenegro and Bosnia & Herzegovina. SEE Hub is one of the 19 RRI Hubs covering 30 countries across Europe which are responsible e.g. for training in the use of RRI Toolkit, advocating policy makers at national and regional level, and spreading the concept of RRI.

More information about the activities and members of the SEE Hub is now available on portal.

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