Presentations at the EARMA 2015 conference on Global Outreach

INDIGO projects and SEA-EU-NET2 results: Enabling Cultures and Diversity in Research Management and Administration

Bereich: Forschungspolitik & Entwicklung

Datum: 28. Juni 2015 - 1. Juli 2015

The 21st Annual Conference of the European Association of Research Management and Administration was held 28th June - 1st July 2015 in Leiden, The Netherlands with the topic: 

Global Outreach: Enabling Cultures and Diversity in Research Management and Administration

A dedicated session was held on Funding for EU S&T collaboration with Asia and beyond (China, India, Japan, South Korea and South East Asia)

29-6-2015: 12.30 - 14.00 hours     Room: A051

Elke Dall represented ZSI projects INNO Indigo, INDIGO POLICY as well as SEA-EU-NET 2 highlighting the results in relation to RTDI cooperation with India and South East Asia. The session was chaired by Andrea Degen,  EUrelations AG,  Switzerland. Other presenters included Sara Medina, Sociedade Portuguesa de Inovação, Portugal; Elena Maffia, APRE, Italy; and Moon, Dong Ju, KIST Europe, Korea/Germany.

The Asian region is projected to have nearly doubled its share of global GDP from 18.3 percent to 30.8 percent in the 30-year period between 1990 and 2020. This region is not just growing at a fast rate economically, it also heavily invests in research and innovation (R&I). As a consequence, scientific paper output and numbers of patents are increasing. European science and industry international cooperation (INCO) with Asia is becoming a key factor in competitiveness. The EU has opened HORIZON 2020 to participants from all over the world. While the EU funding for cooperation is often not reciprocated in target Asian countries, most of these countries have their own funding mechanisms. At present only some of these mechanisms are open to external countries. In addition, and in contrast to current practice in the EU, some target countries do not treat local subsidiaries of European companies in the same way as their own nationally-owned companies. INCO coordination and support projects co-funded under FP7 and Horizon2020 will provide information about the actual funding available. Research Managers will gain insight into the existing mechanisms for creating enabling environments for research and innovation and will be briefed about the roadmaps for international cooperation between Asian countries and the European Union in R&I.





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