Foresight on demand brief in support of the Horizon Europe mission board: Adaptation to climate change, including societal transformation

Section: Research Policy & Development

The EU introduced missions as a new instrument in Horizon Europe. Mission Boards were appointed to elaborate visions for the future in five Areas: Adaptation to Climate Change Including Societal Transformation; Cancer; Healthy Oceans, Seas, and Coastal and Inland Waters; Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities; Soil Health and Food. Starting in autumn 2019, five Foresight on Demand projects supported them with foresight expertise and methodology.

This report provides the work in support of the Mission Board on Adaptation to Climate Change Including Societal Transformation. The project explored longer-term time horizons, up to and beyond the year 2050, and built on existing future-oriented work. It employed dedicated foresight methods, in particular workshops and a Delphi survey, to explore this time horizon in a systematic manner, and involving experts and stakeholders as appropriate.

Project Team:
Technical lead: Manfred Spiesberger (ZSI)
Administrative lead: Dietmar Lampert (ZSI)

Andrea Ricci (ISINNOVA)
Klaus Kubeczko (AIT)
Manfred Spiesberger (ZSI)
Petra Manderscheid (Climate JPI)
Simonas Gaušas (Visionary Analytics)

Support and Quality Control:
Dietmar Lampert (ZSI)
Tanja Schindler, Jana Lingrün (4strat)
Matthias Weber (AIT)
Klaus Schuch (ZSI)

Download the publication here:

Authors: Lampert, D., Schuch, K., Spiesberger, M., see above


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Tags: climate change, climate change adaptation, foresight, missions

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Category: Discussion Papers

Publication Date: 2021

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