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Foresight on Demand in Science, Technology, and Research and Innovation Policy

Responding to the demand for quick inputs to policy-making and drawing on the best available foresight knowledge

This project corresponds to the Framework Contract "Impact Assessments, Evaluations, foresight and Strategic Analyses of Research and Innovation policies and programmes", specifically for Lot 1, i.e. "Foresight on Demand in Science, Technology, Research and Innovation Policy"(FOD).

The goal of this project is to set up a mechanism to respond to the demand for quick inputs to policy-making, drawn on the best available foresight knowledge. FoD aims at offering the European Commission services with timely and effective support related to crisis situations, emerging risks, and policy challenges.

Among others, FoD includes:

  • scanning and synthesis of foresight literature and data sources, including horizon scanning,
  • rapid foresight data collection and analysis,
  • scenario building, and
  • combinations of the above.

The contracting authority is comprised of the DG Research and Innovation, Research Executive Agency, Shift2Rail Joint Undertaking, Clean Sky Joint Undertaking, Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking, and European Environment Agency.

The ZSI is part of a consortium that was awarded this contract. The duration of this project is 24 months and two automatic extensions by 12 months each, resulting in an overall duration of four years. Within this period, a series of requests for services are foreseen, each corresponding to an individual project.

The ZSI is expected - as is each consortium partner - to contribute based on their foresight and domain expertise, as well as their professional networks.



Section: Research Policy & Development

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Type: Policy Advice

Program: Services rendered in response to tender no. 2018/RTD/A2/OP/PP-07001-2018

Submission Date: 08/2018

Project Status: Finished

Start/End: 07/2019 - 06/2023

Project Duration: 48 months