Co-designing pilot games with citizens and policy stakeholders to increase climate action

Section: Technology and Knowledge

This paper presents an initial report on the codesign processes between researchers and policy stakeholders in the GREAT (Games Realising Effective and Affective Transformation) project applied in the context of the climate emergency. The objective of piloting these co-design processes is to develop a methodology to support policy stakeholders in identifying and determining an urgent climate issue. We engage stakeholders in co-design of games-based activities, which can be instantiated for citizens and simultaneously be used to collect their attitudes towards climate policies. By piloting these codesign processes, we aim to support policy stakeholders in identifying an urgent climate issue they want to address. Based on this climate issue, we co-design games-based interventions which provide the opportunity for citizens to engage with policy issues, and to represent their attitudes and preferences relating to climate policies. We develop two types of game-based methods - a short quiz format embedded in a mobile game, and longer, collaborative serious games - for collecting, analyzing, and presenting data on citizens’ attitudes to policymakers for improving climate policies. In this paper, we describe the pilot studies undertaken and discuss the lessons learnt.

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Yau, J. Y.-K., Drachsler, H., Griffiths, D., Paul Hollins, Kube, D., Keislinger, B., Koller, K., Fabian, C., Zachariou, A., & Merry, A. (2024). Co-designing pilot games with citizens and policy stakeholders to increase climate action. IEEE CTSoc International Conference on Gaming, Entertainment & Media (GEM), Turin, Italy.

Authors: Fabian, C., Kieslinger, B., Koller, K.

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Publication Date: 2024

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