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ECML - European Centre for Media Literacy

ECML - European Centre for Media Literacy

The project aimed at creating a European Centre for Media Literacy (ECML) as a non-profit educational organization that helps stakeholders to understand why teaching media literacy is so important and to give students new education tools.

The project mission was to help children and adults prepare for living and learning in a global media culture by translating media literacy research and theory into practical information, training and educational tools for teachers, youth leaders, parents, and caregivers of children.

Results of the project were:

  • Report on the State-of-the-art analysis
  • Statement of Educational Philosophy and
  • Guidelines for media literacy

-> Please order the ecml-book by sending a mail to pdf-versions of the documents are available on the project website:

  • ECML Content Repository

-> The database with links to relevant articles and organisations is also available on the project website:

  • ECML On-line Community

-> The community is reachable via the portal supported by the "European Schoolnet":

  • EMLR European Media Literacy Review

-> see First Issue,
-> Second Issue,
-> Third Issue,
-> Fourth Issue
-> Fifth Issue
-> Sixth Issue
-> Seventh Issue

  • Media Literacy in Austria

-> With the support of "Dynamische Qualitätssicherung (GSK)" an overview on the main institutions and the framework of media literacy education in Austria was compiled: Media Literacy in Austria.

  • Media Skills and Competence Conference

-> Date and Place: 26-27 Mai 2005 in Tampere, Finland; Keynote speakers Dr. Liss Jeffrey, Director of McLuhan Global Research Network, and Dr. Paul Lefrere, Executive Director E-learning in Microsoft. Conference website:

  • National Workshops

-> The symposium organised in Austria "Fit für das digitale Zeitalter!" was taking place at the Federal Ministry for Science, Education and Culture on the 21st of October. Please find more information on:

  • Conference Participation

-> The ecml project was presented at national and international conferences - for example at the "World Summit on the Information Society" in Tunis in November 2005:


Section: Technology and Knowledge



Type: Education

Program: eLearning Initiative and Action Plan

Project Status: Finished

Start/End: 01/2004 - 12/2005

Project Duration: 24 months