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University of Tampere (Finland)

University based in Tampere, Finnland

The University of Tampere in Finland has six faculties: Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Economics and Administration, Faculty of Medicine Faculty of Education and Faculty of Information Sciences. The university has some 14000 degree students, 11600 taking first degrees, some 1600 postgraduates and 800 non-degree students. Like the other Finnish universities, the University of Tampere offers programmes leading to Bachelor's, Master's degrees and beyond. Most degree programmes are multidisciplinary and also offer choices in vocational or professional areas. All the Finnish universities are also responsible for postgraduate education and research. The UNESCO Chair in Global e-Learning was established in 2002 in the Faculty of Education, Research Centre for Vocational Education, and Faculty of Information Sciences, Hypermedia Laboratory.


University of Tampere, Kalevantie 4, FI-33014 University of Tampere, Finland,
FI-33014 Tampere