Magª. Elke Dall

Section: Research Policy & Development

Function: Senior Researcher and Project Manager, ZSI Representation in Brussels


  • Phone: ++43-1-495 04 42 / please reach me via skype: dall_zsi
  • Fax: ++43-1-495 04 42 / 40
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Work and research focus:

Elke is a senior expert on science and innovation policy, internationalisation and science diplomacy. She joined ZSI in 2003 and has been representing ZSI in Brussels since February 2018. Between 2007 and 2016 she was Head of Unit “Research Policy and Development” and Board Member at ZSI. From October 2016 to February 2018, she acted as Policy Officer with a focus on Stakeholder Engagement at the COST Administration.

Elke studied Sociology at the University of Vienna and has a background in research on networked organisations, quantitative and qualitative evaluation and in the field of S&T and innovation policy analysis. At the Centre for Social Innovation, she is deeply involved in projects funded by the European Commission related to international research and innovation cooperation. She deals with analytical aspects of cooperation between the European Union and other countries and regions worldwide and is the founding chair of the "European Union Science Diplomacy Alliance". She focuses on policy recommendations, mutual learning and the development of pathways to impact. Her regional experience includes in particular the Western Balkan and Danube region, but also Eastern Partnership, North as well as Central and Latin America, Asia and global cooperation based on science diplomacy for addressing global challenges. She is also experienced in stakeholder engagement and co-creation methods.

Currently, she coordinates the project POLICY ANSWERS focusing on R&I policy support for the Western Balkans.

Among other activities, Elke also taught in several post-graduate and graduate courses, mainly about the EU RTDI funding possibilities and project management, and she is actively involved in RTDI strategy development and policy dialogue with a particular focus on widening and spreading excellence.

Focus areas:

  • Research and innovation policy and potentials, internationalisation, science diplomacy
  • Impact monitoring and facilitation, evaluation
  • Research and innovation addressing global challenges
  • Geographical focus on South-East Europe / Western Balkans

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