Cooperation Partners

University of Novi Sad, BioSense Center (Serbia)

Univerzitet u Novum Sadu

Acronym: UNS

UNS is the leading academic institution in the country that coordinates or participates in the large number of international research projects. Rector of UNS Prof. M. Veskovic coordinates EUSDR PA 7 - To develop the knowledge society through research, education and information technologies. BioSense Center at UNS coordinates and advances research in state-of-the-art ICT solutions in ecology, environmental protection, forestry and agriculture. Relevant to this call, UNS/BioSense Center coordinates FP7-ENV BalkanGEONet project that supports capacity building in the Balkans in the field of Earth observation, with the focus on nine societal benefit areas: water, ecosystems, agriculture, biodiversity, energy, weather, climate, health, and disasters, all relevant to the Danube region. UNS/BioSense is active in the development and implementation of GEO 20120-2015 Work Plan, as a PoC for ID-04-C2 ‘’Outreach and Awareness Raising’’. It also coordinates various national initiatives in the scientific fields relevant to the Danube Region. Expertize relevant to this project includes preparing and conducting surveys in the wider Balkan region in the area of water and other related fields, identification of relevant stakeholders and their activities, development of web-based tools for sustainable networking, gap analysis (including the methodology development), development of roadmaps, recommendations and scenarios. Some relevant projects: FP7 BalkanGEONet (Towards Inclusion of Balkan Countries into Global Earth Observation Initiatives), 2010/14 (coord.); FP7 ENORASIS (Environmental Optimization of Irrigation Management…), 2012/14; FP7 EXPEER (Distributed Infrastructure for Experimentation in Ecosystem Research), 2010/14; FP7 AgroSense (WSN and RS-Foundation of a Modern Agricultural Infrastructure…), 2008/11 (coord.); EUREKA! MetaSense: Miniature Metamaterial- Based Sensing Devices for Agricultural, Environ. and Geological Applications, 2009/12 (coord.).


21000 Novi Sad


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