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Sustainable surface protection by glass-like and biomaterials hybrid coatings

BIO-SUSHY targets to develop three PFAS-free novel coatings, which will be validated in applications in the textile, food, and cosmetic packaging industries.

The BIO-SUSHY project addresses the challenges associated with the widespread use of per- and polyfluorinated alkyl substances (PFAS) in coatings. These substances have high stability and water and oil-repellent properties, but they are also polluting and toxic to humans and the environment. The BIO-SUSHY project aims to develop a sustainable and safe alternative.

ZSI is responsible for studying the expectations of external stakeholders towards these new types of coatings in the form of a value chain analysis in three different areas: the textile, food, and cosmetic packaging industry. Furthermore the goal is to analyze the willingness-to-pay and in congruence with that, focus on the process of co-designing a social acceptance strategy.


Section: Research Policy & Development


Tags: hybrid coatings, organic coatings, PFAS alternatives, social acceptance, transformation, value-chain analysis, willingness-to-pay

Type: Research

Program: Horizon Research and Innovation Action

Project Status: In progress

Start/End: 01/2023 - 12/2026

Project Duration: 48 months


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