Interactive reflection trainings on RRI for multiple stakeholder groups

Bereich: Technik & Wissen

The article builds on the perceived gap between ‘RRI in theory’ and ‘RRI in practice’ and demonstrates the need for RRI training for different stakeholder groups so as to overcome this gap. The RRI Tools project has developed different kinds of materials and tools that can be used in RRI trainings. Based on the umbrella notion of RRI, as elaborated in the RRI Tools project which spans the six key dimensions of RRI, its process requirements, outcomes and stakeholders, the training illustrates exemplary exercises that would serve a different purpose: to raise awareness for RRI, to enable mutual understanding of different stakeholder groups’ perception on RRI, to reflect on RRI and to implement RRI in daily practices. Experiences gained from the various training exercises are described, which result in recommendations and guidelines on how to set up a multi-stakeholder workshop in terms of setting, methodology, content and participants.

AutorInnen: Hofer, M., Marschalek , i., Schrammel, M., Unterfrauner, E.

Tags: responsible research, RRI, training

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Kategorie: Online

Publikations Datum: 2017

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