ERA Fabric Map. Second Edition

Bereich: Forschungspolitik & Entwicklung

This updated ERA fabric map provides input for the implementation of the 'Visions for the ERA' (VERA) project by giving a snapshot of the European Research Area (ERA), in support of developing alternative future scenarios for its evolution. The report maps the evolution of the ERA, highlighting the elements of continuity and discontinuity between the 2007 ERA-Green Paper (EC 2007a), organised along 6 dimensions, and the 2012 ERA Communication (EC, 2012a), framed across 5 priorities.

AutorInnen: Degelsegger-Márquez, A., Riedmann , K., Elisabetta Marinelli, Mariana Chioncel, Mathieu Doussineau, Karel Haegeman, Gérard Carat, Patrice Dos Santos, Stephanie Daimer


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Kategorie: Projekt Outputs

Publikations Datum: 2013

Bezug: Online (download)