Social Innovation and Social Sciences

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The relationship between social innovation and social sciences is rather ambiguous than straightforward. On the one hand, one could think that social innovation is for social sciences the natural equivalent of what technical-economic innovation is for natural, technical and engineering sciences, namely a powerful impact dimension that manifests itself through the use of scientific knowledge in the practical economic sphere; or in the case of social innovation in the social or societal sphere. On the other hand, social innovation seems to appear only as a rather marginal note in the broad social science canon. Empirical studies confirmed that social innovation processes and the underlying resources, capabilities and constraints are related to different actors of the social innovation ecosystem, but that academia is only marginally involved (Howaldt 2019; Schuch 2019).
Both statements are true and yet fall short of understanding the complex relationship between social innovation and social science.

To shed light on this complex relationship, this paper makes a short excursion into the history of ideas of social innovation and looks then at how social innovation is institutionally anchored in the social sciences today.

Suggested citation: Schuch, K. (2023). Social Innovation and Social Sciences. In: Howaldt, J. and Kaletka, C. (eds) Encyclopedia of Social Innovation. Edward Elgar Publishing, Cheltenham, pp. 376-381.

ISBN: 978 1 80037 334 1 Extent: 498 pp

Key Features:
• 77 accessible and fully-referenced entries
• An interdisciplinary scope providing readers with a sound overview of social innovation in different research areas
• Exploration of the societal, political, business and entrepreneurial ramifications of social innovation
• Examination of the challenges caused by modern phenomena such as rapid population growth and how these challenges have affected new social demands

Critical acclaim:

‘In recent decades, the study of social innovations has become a vibrant and increasingly specialized field of research. This Encyclopedia offers a unique journey into this research area thanks to a plurality of theoretical frameworks, disciplinary perspectives and research angles from 77 articles. An essential reference!’
– Sylvain Lefèvre, University of Québec at Montréal, Canada

‘With contributions from leading scholars and practitioners from all over the world, this comprehensive and extraordinary reference work provides a wealth of information on innovative approaches to addressing social and socio-economic challenges. Whether you''re an academic, a social entrepreneur, or policymaker, the Encyclopedia of Social Innovation is a must-have for understanding and advancing social innovation.’
– Susana Borras, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

‘The Encyclopedia of Social Innovation offers a rich set of topics and themes and insightful reflection by globally renowned scholars.’
– Johanna Mair, Hertie School, Germany

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