A Research Agenda for Social Innovation

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This insightful 320 pages Research Agenda offers unique perspectives into the different strands of social innovation research, covering the history and theory of this ever-growing research field. Chapters show the range and depth of the social advances that characterize this vibrant and contested subject, and analyse the strong increase in political and public interest in social innovation.
Exploring the potential influence of social innovation on important social factors, the Research Agenda looks at education, poverty reduction, environmental policies, and health and social care. Contributors examine the approaches and successful initiatives that illustrate the strengths of social innovations in manifold areas and in establishing sustainable patterns of consumption, while coping with demographic change. Possible future research pathways are outlined and new topics such as social innovation ecosystems, epistemic diversities and sustainable development are examined in detail. 

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Klaus Schuch and Nela Šalamon from ZSI contributed the article "Social innovation and social sciences: reflections on a difficult relationship", which can be read on pages 245-262.

Please use the following citation: Schuch, K. and Šalamon, N. (2021). Social innovation and social sciences: reflections on a difficult relationship. In: Howaldt, J., Kaletka, C. and Schröder, A. (eds). A Research Agenda for Social Innovation. Edward Elgar Publishing, pp 245-262. ISBN: 978 1 78990 934 0

AutorInnen: Schuch, K., Šalamon, N.

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