Research Trajectories on Social Issues in the EU, (CE)LAC and beyond. How the social dimension of the EU and (CE)LAC frame EU-(CE)LAC social relations

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This Report is the first deliverable of the “WP5 –Social Dimension” of the EULAC Focus project. To build a basis for the further work in WP5 this deliverable intents to give an overview on social realities in the two regions and the reflection of these realities at the level of bi-regional relations. It gives an insight in the social realities of Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) states and member states of the European Union (EU) as well as into the evolution, state of the art, and current debates on different social models and issues in the two regions. Special attention is put on the social dimension in CELAC and the EU in their role as regional integration projects.  The report gives a clear denomination on where the competences in the realm of social policies are located and which specific trends and challenges in the two regions – both on a national and a supra-national level -   are identifiable. Departing from this exercise conclusions are drawn regarding potential areas of mutual interest.

AutorInnen: Haider, W., Lindorfer, M., Nicole Gruber (ZSI), Juan Ansion (PUCP), Silvana Vargas (PUCP), Sergio Tirado (PUCP)


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Tags: Latin America, SDGs, social policy

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Publikations Datum: 2018

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