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ISF Data Gathering on the participation of Switzerland and Israel to Horizon 2020

Preparing association to Horizon Europe

The overall objective of this project was to support the European Commission in preparing for Horizon Europe associations. In order to prepare for exploratory talks due to start in 2020, data gathering of certain third countries’ participation to Horizon 2020 was needed to better understand the advantages and disadvantages for the EU, e.g. impact on economy, growth, jobs’ creation, people wellbeing, etc. The results of this project supported the Commission to recommend the “scope of association” based on an assessment of the extent to which association of certain countries, such as Switzerland (CH) and Israel (IL), would accelerate EU economic growth through market-creating innovation under Pillar III of Horizon Europe framework programme.

The key element of this request was data gathering and the visualisation of results. In particular, data had to be gathered to understand if the association to Pillar III of the Horizon Europe framework programme proposed by countries with solid and flourishing innovation systems, such as Switzerland and Israel, could create new market synergies. The goal was for European companies to access the best innovation wherever it is, and provide scale up opportunities in Europe, notably in the cases of national markets of limited size such as in CH and IL, and thus identify possible advantages and disadvantages for the European economy and the wellbeing of its citizens.

The target group for data gathering were businesses (including start-ups and NEWCOs) and universities (including research centres and RTOs) in Switzerland and Israel with focus on high TRL, pre-commercial, close to market products and services, IPS filing, access to VC, equity, etc

In this project, ZSI was responsible for the patent analysis.


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