EURADA Association Europeenne des Agences de Developpement (Belgium)

membership of about 130 regional development agencies from across the European Union

Akronym: EURADA

The European Association of Development Agencies (EURADA) has a membership of about 130 regional development agencies from across the European Union. Agencies from almost all the Member States of the EU are EURADA members. EURADA runs conferences and seminars and has an extensive publications programme. It keeps its members up to date with EU policy developments and provides briefing on critical issues such as state aid rules. It alerts members to funding and contract opportunities and helps with forming and running partnerships. EURADA lobbies and briefs the European Commission on behalf of members and maintains a highly effective communications network there. Through round tables and reflection groups individual EURADA members can play a direct role in the development of policy at the Commission, and form their own links with officials. EURADA brings together and disseminates good practice in economic development for the benefit of its members. EURADA has strong international links, particularly through the International Economic Development Council (IEDC) in the United States, but also with economic development networks in China, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. There is a good record of members using these links to pursue their own local objectives.

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