Ministry of Education, Youth and Science of Bulgaria (Bulgaria)

The Ministry of Education, Youth and Science – Centre for Research and Analyses

Akronym: MES-CRA

The Ministry of Education, Youth and Science – Centre for Research and Analyses is a legal organisation with a main office in Sofia. It represents a second level-spending unit to the Minister of Education and Science. The administration of the Ministry of Education and Science services the activity of the centre. The MES-CRA supports activities, programmes and projects, which are focused on encouraging scientific research in the Republic of Bulgaria.

The activities of the MES-CRA are: initiating, supporting and carrying out activities for the advancement of science, innovation and technology; preparing and participating in scientific projects under regional, European and international programmes; acting as consultant and expert in activities for the preparative, administrative and financial management of projects under regional and international programs and initiatives; supporting databases, electronic libraries and disseminating information for previous and current regional, European and international scientific programs and initiatives; and organising and hosting international events (conferences, seminars) in the fields of education, science and technology.

The MES-CRA is responsible for developing national reports on the annual developments in science and research in Bulgaria and benchmarking towards EUROSTAT and OECD S&T indicators. Furthermore the CRA, together with the national statistical office, is elaborating the national indicators, benchmarks and official statistical data for a state-of-the-art national research system.


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