Policy brief by ZSI experts P. Brugner and K. Schuch landed!

17. Jul 2020

Policy brief became included in the official Think Tank Review of the Council of the European Union

"More farsighted approaches, that forward the long-term goals for social, ecological and economic recovery after the crisis, and an improved information policy with stronger public relations will be necessary for the EU so that it can reliably maintain its position as the most important and partnership-oriented partner for Africa and its Eastern neighbourhood."

This was just one of several arguments of P. Brugner and K. Schuch, both ZSI, on the potential role a more active and anticipatory European science diplomacy could play in the aftermath of the Covid-19 crisis. The policy brief landed in the official "Think Tank Review" of the Council of the European Union.

You can read the entire compilation of policy briefs in "Think Tank Review", July 2020, issue 80, attached with links for further reading.

This Think Tank Review* covers articles and reports published in June relating to different political and policy topics.
The Covid-19 special issue maps out the EU's mobilisation and coordination of economic and social measures to deal with the damage caused by the pandemic. Reports reflect on how the pandemic has affected European citizens' views on politics, society, the economy and Europe's place in the world.
The EU's response to the crisis via the recovery fund is commented on in detail, with a range of views being expressed:

  • the recovery instrument represents a change in the philosophy of political economy;
  • even though the recovery fund is temporary in nature, the EU has never seen such a display of solidarity and joint financial action;
  • the recovery fund marks a sea-change in European integration;
  • with the digital tax included in plans for the Next Generation EU recovery fund, the EU is expected to further consolidate its global leadership in tech regulations.

Reports ask if the Covid-19 crisis is an opportunity to boost the euro as a global currency, putting the European Stability Mechanism centre stage. Other papers highlight the issue of health sovereignty, the building of a resilient European response to pandemics, and the need for policy coherence on healthcare supply chains. Regarding the EU's role as a global actor, reports highlight the rise in public support for EU action, focusing on the EU's quick response in reallocating some €20.8 billion for Covid-19-affected developing countries. They also discuss how the EU and US have responded to Russian and Chinese disinformation during the pandemic.
Updated think tank' reports on Covid-19 are regularly posted on the Library blog.


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