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Citizen Social Science
Online SciCom course: Communicating trustworthy information in the digital world
RETHINK-TRESCA final online event on 21-22/03: REGISTER NOW!
Integrating and boosting social impact investing in the Danube region
TRESCA policy brief draft discussed at Science I Business event
“Towards Science Diplomacy in the European Union”
13 recommendations for R&I internationalisation
Mission Covid-19: Global problems need a research portfolio approach
Policy brief by ZSI experts P. Brugner and K. Schuch landed!
Optimal Utilisation of Publicly Funded Research Laboratories by Businesses
H2020 Policy Support Facility Report on International Cooperation published!
Open Access: An opportunity for Malta
Empfehlungen für eine nationale Open Science Strategie in Österreich
International cooperation for tackling global biosphere and social challenges
Stimulating science-business links: lessons from the Policy Support Facility
Excellence-in-ReSTI strategy and roadmap PUBLISHED
S4D4C's Madrid Declaration on Science Diplomacy published
Mélange Diplomatique mit Philipp Brugner – Die Europäischen Jugendbotschafter
Smart specialisation and institutions: ZSI presentation in Seville
New WBC-RTI.INFO bulletin released
Expert workshop on accessibility, mobility and ICT solutions held in Bonn!
Recommendations to modernise Research and Innovation in Moldova presented
Öffentliche Beteiligung in Nachhaltigen Innovationen
S&T Policy Mix Peer Review Georgia completed (IncoNet EaP)


MLE on Widening Participation and Strengthening Synergies


Policy Brief: Citizen Social Science: a promising approach for more participation in knowledge production and decision making
Policy Brief: Building Better Science Diplomacy for Global Challenges: insights from the COVID-19 crisis
STI Policy Recommendations: EU-EaP Beyond 2020
PSF Peer Review Report on Moldova's Research & Innovation System
“Policy brief on thematic patterns of cross-border S&T cooperation based on co-publication and co-patent analysis” [BSH Policy Brief #2]
MIRRIS Policy Brief on Participation of Researchers from Cohesion Countries in SSH


New Enabling Visions and tools for End-useRs and stakeholders thanks to a common MOdeling fRamework towards a climatE neutral and resilient society
Policy Support Facility Montenegro
PSF Peer Review Estonia
Specific Support to Malta on the Development of a National Open Access policy
PSF MLE on National strategies and roadmaps for international cooperation in R&I
RECORD - Anerkennung der mittel- und osteuropäischen FTE-Zentren: Perspektiven für den Europäischen Forschungsraum (EFR)
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