RaiSE project started with event in Barcelona

6. Feb 2017

For the kick-off event of RaiSE, five European regions and ZSI came together in Barcelona at the end of January

The kick-off event of RaiSE took place in Barcelona from January 30-31. The event was hosted by the Catalan Agency for Business Competitiveness (ACCIÓ) as the lead partner in the project. The goal of RaiSE, funded by the European Commission via the Interreg Programme, is to improve public support policies for social enterprises by exchanging experiences and best practises. Stefan Philipp and Philipp Brugner participated in the event for presenting ZSI's involvement in RaiSE and discussing the next steps in the implementation of the project.

In the first place, the results gained within the project are meant to benefit the social enterprise stakeholders from the five participating European regions: Catalonia (with ACCIÓ), Emilia-Romagna (Italy), Border, Midland and Western Ireland (Ireland), Orebro County Region (Sweden) and Budapest region (Hungary). In the long run the best practices and knowledge accumulated in RaiSE can be also transferred to other European regions.

ZSI is the only non-regional partner in the project. The role assigned to ZSI includes the scientific supervision of the project, the overall quality management and the practical support to the several peer review processes to be carried out in the regions.

RaiSE has an ambitious work plan: By 2019, all regions will  have developed an action plan with specific measures to allow businesses in the social enterprise sector to become more competitive through innovation and internationalisation, among other areas. During the following two years (2020-2021), these new policies will be monitored and evaluated.

According to the European Commission, social enterprises are those that prioritise social impact over creating profits for shareholders. These are businesses that fundamentally use their profits to favour social purposes and which are managed responsibly, transparently and innovatively. In general, social enterprises work in areas such as integration of people at risk of exclusion into the labour market, in the provision of social services or the development of disadvantaged areas, among others.

Find more information on the project in our database of projects.

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