WBC-INCO.NET prepares for...

30. Nov 2011

...the upcoming Steering Platform on Research for the Western Balkan countries

Every 6 months, high level political dialogue meetings are organised linking the EU Member States, Associated Countries and the Western Balkan countries. The meetings are co-chaired by the European Commission, the EU Council presidency country (currently Poland) and a country from the region (for the upcoming meeting: Bosnia and Herzegovina). The meeting takes place on December 1, 2011 in Sarajevo and will bring together RTDI stakeholders from all over Europe (

Discussions will centre on the integration of the region to the Innovation Union and the development of programmes in the new financial period 2014-2020. The Western Balkan countries are associated to the 7th EU Framework Programme and participate actively in the preparation of the next programme period.

The ZSI-coordinated project, WBC-INCO.NET is designed to support this policy dialogue as well as the Platform. Ms. Jadranka Svarc, partner in the project from Ivo Pilar, Croatia, will present an overview of the results from the analysis in regards to the innovation systems of the region. There will also be a reference on the regional priorities in the field of Social Innovation – following the Conference “Challenging Social Innovation” held in Vienna, where WBC experts have contributed and prepared their inputs in a pre-conference event. Background reports on the Social Sciences and Humanities are also available (see

Back-to-back to the Steering Platform the WBC-INCO.NET Executive Steering Board will meet as well as the General Assembly of the project.

Contact person: Ms. Elke Dall, WBC-INCO.NET project coordinator,

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