Measuring the Impact of the EU Flagships "HUMAN BRAIN PROJECT" and "GRAPHENE"

Section: Research Policy & Development

This publication shows first impacts of the EU Flagships Human Brain Project (HBP) and Graphene, which have both started in October 2013 and will last about 10 years. The identified impacts have occurred in the first four years of implementation of the Flagships. Key impact dimensions are illustrated with data and analysis; the dimensions include structural, cooperation & collaboration, scientific, economic, and social impact.

The findings indicate that the Flagships are Europe-wide excellence projects, involving leading European universities, research organisatios and companies. For example, among the top 20 European universities according to the Times Higher Education (THE) ranking1, there are 14 which are participating in the HBP. Flagships generate strong and interdisciplinary research networks, and significant publication output in leading scientific journals such as Nature, Advanced Materials, and Physical Review B. Knowledge transfer and exchange among research and business is ensured through formal and informal collaboration. In the Graphene Flagship about three quarters of partners are universities and public research organisations, which are complemented by a quarter of company partners. Flagships are important educational projects and educate sizeable numbers of PhD students; e.g. in the period 2016-18 HBP had about 190 PhD students. The Flagships also reach out to the wider public and citizens through exhibitions, TV features and other information measures. Graphene Flagship was involved in an exhibtion on graphene material, which was organised at the largest science museum in Scandinavia, the Universeum in Gothenburg, and which was seen by more than half a million visitors.

This is the final publication of the H2020 TAIPI project - Tools and Actions for Impact Assessment and Policy makers Information. TAIPI supported the EU Flagships with impact assessment and evaluation from January 2015 until April 2018. ZSI was partner and work-package leader in the project, and responsible for preparing this publication.



Cite as: Spiesberger, M., Gassler, H., Knecht, F., Carrieri, S., Haouat, P., Riedmann, K., Bled, C. du, Kundert, L., Smoliner-Konzett, S., Dall, E., Temel, P., Fernqvist, N., Telefont, M. (2018). Measuring the Impact of the EU Flagships Human Brain Project and Graphene, TAIPI Deliverable 4.3, Vienna.

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Authors: Dall, E., du Bled, C., Gassler (on educational leave), H., Konzett-Smoliner, S., Riedmann , K., Spiesberger, M.


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Tags: evaluation, impact, indicators

Category: Projekt Outputs

Publication Date: 2018

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