TAIPI project at Graphene Flagship impact workshop

1. Mar. 2018

Largest EU scientific projects share their way to effectively measure impact

The Graphene EU Flagship project has organised on 1 March 2018 a workshop on impact measurement at Chalmers Technical University in Göteborg. The workshop brought together the largest EU scientific projects, the Graphene Flagship coordinated by Chalmers, the Human Brain Project Flagship (HBP) coordinated by EPFL in Lausanne, and the ITER project. Each project shared its way how to measure and communicate effectively its impact and the challenges they are facing herewith.

ZSI was participating with its TAIPI project, which supports the two EU Flagships with impact assessment. Manfred Spiesberger (ZSI) presented the impact measurement approach of TAIPI, its various impact dimensions (scientific, economic, social, etc.) and related indicators.

More information on the workshop and its agenda can be found here:


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