“Policy brief on thematic patterns of cross-border S&T cooperation based on co-publication and co-patent analysis” [BSH Policy Brief #2]

Section: Research Policy & Development

This policy brief summarises the most important outcomes derived from the co-publication and co-patent analysis in the Black Sea Horizon project and is prepared by ZSI-Team. It aims at providing the base for the identification of thematic strengths of the non-EU Black Sea countries and collaboration patterns with the EU/AC and it should therewith support evidence based policy making.

Target groups of the policy brief are policy-makers in the region, EC representatives, and researchers in the field of international STI cooperation. It is structured as follows: it begins with an introduction of the data and methods used. This is followed by giving information on the size and development of BSC knowledge outputs (publications and patent applications), the strongest knowledge production links between Black Sea and EU countries, and the areas of strength in collaborative knowledge production based on the co-publication and co-patent analysis. In the last chapter the results are compared.

The policy brief gives an overview of the most important results; while detailed analysis is provided in two related background papers "Thematic patterns of cross-border S&T cooperation based on co-publication analysis” as Part One and Background paper - Part Two related to the co-patent analysis.

Authors: Brugner, P., Feichtinger, J., Heidenwolf, C., Marinkovic, I., Philipp, S., Riedmann , K., Simon, J., Degelsegger-Márquez, A., Scheck, J.


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Tags: Black Sea countries, co-publication analysis, patent analysis, policy recommendations, scientometrics

Category: Projekt Outputs

Publication Date: 2016-05-25

Procurement: Online (download)