Engaging End-Users in the Development of Smartphone Applications for Emergency Services

Section: Technology and Knowledge

The objective of the project Public Safety Net (PS.NET) is to assess the potential of commercial networks for emergency services. Within the project ZSI is responsible for the engagment of end-users.

Cognitive Walkthroughs were used to involve end-users in the development of smartphone applications for emergency services. Four use cases were discussed in order to establish their usefulness and usability from a users’ perspective.

In general, great potential was seen in complementing the means of communication already used by an organisation with commercial networks. However, the discussion of specific use cases showed differences in the needs among emergency organisations (police, volunteer fire brigades, ambulance services). Data protection and privacy issues were a major concern for the staff of emergency services.

This paper presents the results of the discussed use cases in detail. It was presented at the 'IDIMT-2015'.

Authors: Manahl, C., Drechsler, F.


Category: Proceedings

Publication Date: 2015

Procurement: Online (download)