How to set up a win-win-situation in end-user involvement processes – the potential of participatory methods

in conference proceeding of the AAL Forum 2011 Lecce

Section: Technology and Knowledge

The vision of the Go-myLife project (AAL-2009-2-089) is to overcome the risk of loneliness of older people by providing an online social network combined with mobile technologies customised to older peoples’ needs. Eliciting requirements from older people who have limited experience with ICT usage regarding innovative products that do not yet exist is a challenging process. This article describes the participatory design approach that has been employed in the Go-myLife project aiming at the elicitation of end-user needs and requirements and it presents first lessons learned from this approach.

Authors: Schäfer / Schaefer, T., Schwarz-Woelzl, M.


Tags: ageing society

Category: Proceedings

Publication Date: 2012

Procurement: Online (download)