Magª. Teresa Schäfer / Schaefer, (formerly known as Holocher-Ertl)

Section: Technology and Knowledge

Function: researcher, project leader



Work and research focus:

Public participation in scientific research

User-centred design and evaluation of socio-technical innovations in communication and learning

Project communication

Running and completed projects:

Other Publications:

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Participation at events:

Education and career:

Master of Business Administration at the Vienna University for Economics (2003)

June 07 - August 09 User-centred design and evaluation of networked audiovisual media, based on the concepts "technology driving social innovation" and "social innovation driving technology" within the FP6 IP "CITIZEN MEDIA - social change" (as employee from Sonovista - creative tools for e-society).

Nov03 - Jun05 User-centred design and integration of e-government services optimizing the information flow between citizens and the regional government authority of Vorarlberg.

August 01 - October 03 User-centred design and development of internal and external internet services together with and for employees of the Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AG (as employee from OeKB)

Jul99 - Jul 00 Management of the 200 European Extranet Sites of IBM as interface between end-users from marketing/sales and technicians, training of new employees and optimization of documentation and update-processes (as employee from IBM)

October 89 - December 99 Conception and project management of e-Lisa, the first and biggest online academy for teachers in Austria (as employee from Margetich & Miletich)

October 95-October 98 Management of divers web-projects for Casions Austria, Berglandmilch, Wienerberger (as employee from Missing Link - Media research group)