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Liveable Rural Communities of the Future - New Integrated governance model to address depopulation of rural areas

RurALL addresses the major challenge of depopulation in rural communities that is considered one of most universal challenges of the Danube area.

Rural areas are facing challenges such as a lack of highly educated labour force and economic competitiveness, an increasingly ageing population, low accessibility and decreasing quality of public services. Insufficient resources and capacities impede effective policy responses to address this comprehensive challenge.

RurALL will develop a multi-stakeholder governance model to support rural areas in facing this challenge. Implementing a cross-sectoral and interdisciplinary approach, and supported by intense community engagement activities based on the New European Bauhaus principles, the project will present deteriorating dwellings as a tool and potential for addressing the challenge of depopulation in rural areas.

In this process, ZSI will support finding ideas for deteriorating dwellings to revitalise the area. ZSI will collaborate with Gemeinde Eberau in Burgenland, Austria to perform the pilot activities and to identify and exploit the potential of deteriorating dwellings through community engagement activities.


Section: Technology and Knowledge, Work and Equal Opportunities

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Type: Research

Program: Interreg Programme Danube Region

Project Status: In progress

Start/End: 01/2024 - 06/2026

Project Duration: 30 months