Technology and Knowledge


PS.NET: Non-dedicated cellular radio networks for emergency management organisations

The Research Project PS.NET aims at the investigation of the usability of non-dedicated cellular radio networks

The general requirements regarding communication of emergency management organisations are basically covered by the authorities’ professional
mobile radio network. However, several gaps have been identified and additional needs have been stated by rescue services as well as by the operations and Crisis Coordination Centre of the Austrian Ministry of Interior to use commercial mobile radio networks complementary to the existing professional mobile radio network.

Based on the identified gaps, the goals of the project are:
· Investigation of the technical application possibilities and their general conditions
· Development of usage concepts while considering different classes of requirements
(from emergency organisations, system suppliers, infrastructure providers)
· Investigation of the suitability of the currently available mobile cellular networks for
being used under challenging conditions (e.g. under high load in case of large events)


Section: Technology and Knowledge


Tags: participation, participatory design, security research

Type: Research

Program: KIRAS Sicherheitsforschung

Submission Date: 04/2013

Project Status: Finished

Start/End: 10/2013 - 09/2015

Project Duration: 24 months

Website: ... afety-net/