Cooperation Partners

Centre for Scientific and Technical Information and Innovation Promotion of Ukraine (Ukraine)


Acronym: NIP

Mission To promote Ukrainian scientific community integration to ERA via the EU Framework Programmes and other R&D programmes funded by the EC. NIP Ukraine is funded by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. The Principal Objectives of NIP Ukraine are aimed at solving several key problems of research and educational institutions of Ukraine. To this end the NIP Ukraine Regional Network was set up, and every region of Ukraine is represented in it, which will make it easier to know the S&T burning issues of regions and optimise internal and external contacts and cooperation according to scientific priorities. The EU Framework Programme is an important instrument for realising this objective. NIP Ukraine activities are focused on informing scientific community on possibilities of the EU Framework Programmes (starting from FP6) and other possibilities for international R&D cooperation in Ukraine. This work is performed in partnership with stakeholders, in particular with the ones with which NIP Ukraine has cooperative agreements. The NIP Ukraine staff provides consultations on the following issues: partner search; effective use of the electronic systems like CORDIS; the EC funded calls and possibilities for Ukrainian scientists to participate; support of SMEs participation in international S&T cooperation. Since the very start of its activities NIP Ukraine aims at raising interest of the scientific community in international S&T cooperation via conduct of Ukrainian and international conferences and trainings and thematic workshops for target groups with participation of the EC trainers (press here to find NIP Ukraine events).


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