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Enhancing the Bilateral S&T Partnership with Ukraine

The BILAT-UKR project aimed at providing a smooth and flexible frame to foster cooperation in Science and Technology between the EU and one of its largest and closest Eastern neighbours: Ukraine. It is one of a series of such support projects supporting the EU-Ukraine cooperation in research and innovation.

Ukraine has a long-lasting tradition of scientific bilateral cooperation with some EU countries, for instance France, Germany, and Poland. Yet the S&T dialogue with EU itself is under construction. During the time of implementation of this project, Ukraine's association to the Framework Programme was not yet implemented, it was expected to enhance Ukrainian involvement in EU research, and to promote the necessary structural changes in the Ukrainian science & innovation sectors. Preparing the ground for Ukraine's association to FP7 was the major issue to be addressed in the frame of BILAT-UKR.

The major objectives of the project were:

  1. To strengthen the S&T cooperation between the EU and Ukraine in particular through a stronger participation of Ukraine in FP7 and other Community programmes and initiatives, and through a better link between activities on Member States and Community level. > This objective has been achieved by means of concrete initiatives for information and raising awareness of the science and innovation Community in Ukraine, as well as efficient and targeted advise for Ukrainian applicants for community programmes
  2. To further improve the framework for stimulating future joint sustainable activities of research teams of the European Member States, Associated States, and Ukraine, and to contribute to develop optimum instruments. > This objective has been achieved by: a) an inventory of existing instruments, regulations, obstacles, and best practices, both on bilateral (Member States and Ukraine) and Community level, with a particular emphasis on the needs for a legal frame, b) involving policy stakeholders from EU-Member States, EU-Commissions; and Ukraine to come-up with proposed solutions for a common frame, taking benefit of and suggesting recommendations for the implementation of the ENP action plan.
  3. To provide support for the working groups set up with aim to organize a thorough thematic and high-level policy dialogue between the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and the European Commission. > The activities included two kinds of initiatives: a) contributing to the kick-off of the Working Groups, providing a knowledge base for decision shaping and supporting information dissemination of the activities, AND results and recommendations of the Working Groups. b) providing a knowledge base and develop an agenda for new bilateral EU-Ukraine Working Groups on three areas: Mobility, S&T infrastructure and Innovation, linking the international dimension of the Specific Programme People and Capacities to the respective Ukrainian instruments, facilities and strategies.

The results of the project are archived at

The activities were continued in the frame of the ZSI coordinated projects BILAT UKR*AINA and RI-LINKS2UA.


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Tags: European Research Area, internationalisation, research cooperation, scientific networks, Ukraine

Type: Networks

Program: FP7 - Capacities - International Cooperation

Project Status: Finished

Start/End: 09/2008 - 02/2012

Project Duration: 42 months