An era of social innovation: conference booklet published

15. Mar. 2019

The documentation of the conference "Opening up to an era of social innovation" presents social innovation in the EU.

Representatives of the European Commission, the Portuguese government, of cities, projects and initiatives of social innovation debated the possibilities and necessities to embed social innovation deeper and wider in in European policy, but also in social services, training and education, and in regions and municipalities. Three projects in which ZSI is involved made contributions to the conference: The results of  INNOVCare on the care of people living with rare diseases were presented in the session "Social Innovation and the care society".  SI-DRIVE, the large stocktaking of social innovation had an exhibition stalll.  Its co-ordinator, Antonius  Schröder of Dortmund Technical University, took part in the panel discussion "The next social innovation wave".  He pointed out that "the relationship between social innovation and the economy needs reimagining. Economy is as much about cooperation as competition." The SIC (Social Innovation Community) project conducted a workshop on  "Social Innovation policy in Europe: where next?". 85 participants discussed the building of both supply and demand for social innovation, its governance and coordination, and the need not just to involve citizens but redistribute power between actors from business and lobbying and social services and civil society. The colourful documentation offers brief insights, pithy quotes and a compact overview of the state of the European debate.

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