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Social Innovation Community

Developing an enabling environment for social innovation

Developing an enabling environment for social innovation, that links actions across the whole field and supports the full exploitation of their potential, is considered vital in addressing societal challenges both with European and global relevance. While there is increasing interest and enthusiasm for social innovation as a means of addressing societal challenges globally, there is also considerable variation in the extent to which different countries and regions have embraced social innovation.

Thus, there is a strong rationale for building an inclusive and interconnected community which helps to create a more favourable environment for social innovations to emerge, grow and develop across Europe. This is the overarching aim of SIC; namely to create a 'network of networks'of social innovation actors. This Social Innovation Community (SIC) aims to deepen and strengthen existing networks, forge new connections between networks, and create new links to actors and networks which hitherto have not been included in the field of social innovation. The aims of such a community are to generate new social innovations, develop and scale up successful social innovations and to share and spread knowledge more effectively in order to improve practice and policymaking.


Section: Work and Equal Opportunities



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Tags: social innovation

Type: Networks

Program: H2020-INSO-2015

Project Status: In progress

Project Duration: 36 months

Start/End: 02/2016 - 01/2019


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