MIRRIS Policy Brief on Participation of Researchers from Cohesion Countries in SSH

Bereich: Forschungspolitik & Entwicklung

In October 2015 the European Commission published its report on the „Integration of Social Sciences and Humanities in Horizon 2020: Participants, Budget and Disciplines“. This report assesses how the different Social Sciences and Humanities (abbr.  SSH) disciplines have been integrated into the ‘SSH flagged’ projects funded in 2014 under the Societal Challenges and the Industrial Leadership priorities. The assessment also included an analysis of   the participation of SSH researchers differentiated by countries, which is taken up and further analysed and processed in this MIRRIS policy brief.

Suggested citation

  • Schuch, Klaus (2015): Ignorance, Parallel Worlds or Apathy? The Participation of Social Science and Humanities Organisations from EU-13 Countries across HORIZON 2020,  MIRRIS Policy Brief, November 2015, Centre for Social Innovation

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Tags: participation, policy recommendations, social sciences, widening

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Publikations Datum: 2015

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