Roadmap and recommendations for deployment – Focus on nanotechnologies for health

Bereich: Technik & Wissen

This roadmap shows a way forward for initiatives stimulating research, development and innovation of nanotechnologies and nanomaterials in Latin America (LA) focusing on health applications targeting tropical infectious diseases (TIDs), including tuberculosis, and cancer.
The research approached five thematic clusters: (1) research, (2) policy making and funding, (3) education and training, (4) industry and investment and (5) ethical, legal and social aspects. Main findings are most of the research done in LA is still basic in nature and few institutions address the targeted diseases. Recommendations and roadmap up to year 2015 follow for the deployment of nanotechnologies for health in LA.

AutorInnen: Lindorfer, M., Maria Lima-Toivanen (VTT), Ineke Malsch (MTV)


Tags: Latin America, nanotechnology

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Kategorie: Projekt Outputs

Publikations Datum: 2015

Bezug: Online (download)