Russian Academy of Science, A.N. Bakh Institute of Biochemistry (Russia)

Institute of Biochemistry at the Russian Academy of Science

Akronym: INBI

The Bach Institute of Biochemistry, the first biochemical institution affiliated with the Russian Academy of Sciences, was organized by the Decision of the General Meeting of the Academy on December 18, 1934. The founders of the Institute were the outstanding scientists Academicians Aleksey Nikolaevich Bach and Aleksandr Ivanovich Oparin. Since 2001, the institute has been directed by Prof. V.O. Popov.

The main objectives of the Institute are related to research into the biochemical foundations of vital processes and application of the basic results obtained to production.

The Bach Institute hosts the Russian National Contact Point on “Biotechnology, Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries & Aquaculture and Food” in the 7-th Framework Programme of EC.


Leninsky prospekt, 33
119071 Moscow