Ministry of Civil Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

MCA is responsible for education and science at the state level

Akronym: MCA

The Ministry of Civil Affairs of BiH is a state authority responsible, among other things, for education and science at the state level. The Department for Science, Culture and Sport does the following in the field of science: It coordinates activities and harmonization of plans of entity authorities (in the Federation of BiH and in the Republic Srpska);defines the international level strategies; participates in the work of international organizations that deal with science; ensures execution of international obligations of BiH; participates in the procedure of preparation of international agreements; monitors application of local agreements and strategic documents, and proposes activities in relation to it; keeps up with the European integration processes and initiates their implementation; monitors application of adopted European conventions and declarations; prepares reports; prepares participation of BiH representatives at the world and European conferences; leads and coordinates cooperation with the organizations, bodies and authorities of the European Community; keeps up with the programs of the EU and world associations, and initiates applications for them; collects and analyzes information about the science in our country; acts as service for advisory and other bodies established for dealing with science;promotes and fosters science as an important part of total socio and economic progress of BiH.


TRG BiH 1 71000
Bosnia and Herzegovina


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