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SEA-EU JFS phase 2

ISF Support for the enhancement of the SEA-EU Joint Funding Scheme - phase 2

This service is part of the International Service Facility and manages the administration, communication and promotion of the SEA-EU JFS phase 2

The SEA-EU JFS phase 2 service is a continuing action after the end of the SEA-EU JFS phase 1. Phase 1 provided the management of the 1st (which was launched already under the SEA-EU-NET 2 project) and 2nd JFS call in 2017 and 2018 respectively. Under phase 2 the 3rd, the 4th (in 2019) and the 5th and 6th (in 2020) joint calls for proposals in the fields of science and technoloy and innovation are implemented - open for participants from those countries in the EU and Southeast Asia, who are officially part of the funding scheme.

Whereas phase 1 focused on the transfer of the SEA-EU JFS secretariat from Germany (host institution: DLR) to Indonesia (host institution: DIPI, the Indonesian Science Fund) and the launch of the 2nd joint call followed by the dissemination of its results generated, phase 2 is designed explicitly to further enhance the effectiveness and outreach of the existing scheme while also launching four more calls. Also new to this phase is a dedicated monitoring mechanism, in order to monitor the funded projects under the first four calls.

The following activities are carried out under this service:

  1. Implementation of a S&T Joint Call for Proposals (3rd call) and an Innovation Joint Call for Proposals (4th) in 2019.
  2. Prepare, plan and implement a S&T Joint Call for Proposals (5th call) and an Innovation Joint Call for Proposals (6th call) in 2020.
  3. Monitor the outcome of the funded projects from the 1st joint call and the 2nd joint call under the JFS contract 1 and from the 3rd and 4th joint call under the JFS contract 2
  4. Carrying out all the activities needed to enhance networking and matchmaking by supporting JFS events attached to the thematic conferences in Europe and providing opportunities for European researchers to be hosted for 1-2 weeks by a university or research centre in ASEAN; Preparation of a partnering tool for partner search and matchmaking
  5. Ensuring that communication and dissemination for the SEA-EU JFS phase 2 is targeted to the right stakeholders, that the value of the scheme is further promoted to potential new participants in the EU and SEA

This service is delivered by a joint tender core group, comprising  DLR (Germany), INTRASOFT (Luxembourg), TEAMWORK (France), DIPI (Indonesia; hosting secretariat for the JFS) and ZSI (Austria).

ZSI is assigned to lead the communication and dissemination for the JFS (including, for instance, the production of  a promotional video for the funding scheme) as well as to prepare a mechanism for the monitoring of the funded projects, the latter which is also led by ZSI.


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