European Commission published success stories from the SEA-EU JFS

24. Sep 2021

10 success stories from the Southeast Asia-Europe joint funding scheme published by the EC

The Southeast Asia-Europe Joint Funding Scheme (SEA-EU JFS) started its activities in 2017. It is part of the International Service Facility of the European Commission and manages the administration, communication and promotion of a bilateral research & innovation funding scheme between Southeast Asian and European research ministries.

Since spring 2021, the SEA-EU JFS team (including ZSI) was working on a dedicated publication to highlight the achievements of the funding scheme from its start until now. The production of this publication was explicitly requested by the EC to provide evidence about the positive impact of EU R&I funding on individual researchers and society at large.
The brochure "Southeast Asia-Europe Joint Funding Scheme: 10 success stories" highlights ten successfully JFS-funded research projects allowing the reader to zoom into specific JFS research activities. The success stories demonstrate the diversity of research topics of bi-regional interest that are covered by the projects as well as the diversity of the bi-regional multilateral research consortia that are collaborating under the JFS and its funding partners. The publication makes the reader to get an idea of the wide impacts that are expected from the JFS-funded research activities.
Since this week, the publication is now available, officially registered as a EC publication and indexed in the publications office of the EU.


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