ACCENT SUD Association (France)

Where Culture and Digital Economy meet Change.


ACCENT SUD, which stands for Association pour la cooperation culturelle et l’économie numérique avec le sud de l’Europe is an association aimed at developing regional support, partnership opportunities and building a systematic and consistent dialogue between different stakeholders in the culture and digital economy transition, with a geographical focus in south Europe. ACCENT SUD is based in the south-west of France, close to the city of Bordeaux in the region of Aquitaine. ACCENT SUD positions itself as a centre of attraction in the field of digital economy transition. The ecosystem of the association, formed by the participating companies, research centers, public entities, associations and local initiatives provides a full range of enabling services and transnational projects. This strategic geographical location allows the association to provide its services and support in a wider cross-border and macro-region covering central and south France, and the east part of Spain but also creating bridges with the Benelux economic area.


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