Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts (North Macedonia)

Scientific institution in the Republic of North Macedonia

Akronym: MASA

MACEDONIAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCES AND ARTS (MASA) is the highest independent scientific institution in the Republic of North Macedonia. It achieves its objectives by organizing, conducting, and supporting fundamental, developmental and applied research which is both comprehensive and interdisciplinary; by organizing and supporting scientific meetings, and by publishing the results of the scientific research. MASA collaborates with universities, scientific institutions, scientific societies, and with other organizations in the field of sciences in the Republic of North Macedonia, as well as with academies of sciences and arts and other scientific institutions abroad. The Academy acts as an umbrella institution, since it collaborates in the preparation of the national policy regarding the sciences, while it also stimulates, coordinates, organizes and conducts scientific research, particularly relevant to the Republic of North Macedonia. MASA is a Bridge Head Organization (BHO) for the Pan-European initiative – EURAXESS Researchers in Motion. The Academy has the capacity to act as a hub for coordinating and implementing innovative and interdisciplinary activities between a number of institutions, universities, and the government regarding research and policy, towards a sustainable and secure agriculture technological ecosystem. A number of intersectorial collaborations and projects have been established and are currently active, resulting in joint scientific publications and software products.

Av. Krste Misirkov 2
1000 Skopje
North Macedonia