European Founcation Centre (Belgium)

The European Foundation Centre (EFC) is the leading membership association representing public-benefit foundations at European level

Akronym: EFC

The EFC currently has 233 members including community and independent foundations, as well as corporate funders spread across more than 30 countries. A large majority (90%) are based in Europe. The EFC develops and pursues activities in line with its objectives: • Benchmarking and professional development - sets standards and enhances the skills of professionals working in the sector through a wide range of benchmarking and training activities. All members undertake to respect the EFC Principles of Good Practice. • Creating an enabling legal and fiscal environment - leads the campaign for the creation of a European Foundation Statute, making it easier for foundations to develop cross-border activities within the EU. • Documenting the foundation landscape - facilitates the sharing of knowledge and information, and raises awareness about the valuable work foundations are doing through its website, publications such as Effect magazine (biannual) and the de facto e-newsletter. • Networking and partnership building - promotes collaboration, both among foundations and between foundations and other actors, to advance the public good in Europe and beyond. The EFC’s annual conference is the most important opportunity.




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