Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (Greece)

Hellenic Centre for Marine Research

Akronym: HCMR

The Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (HCMR) is the main organization for Oceanographic, Inland Waters, Marine Biology, Genetics, Fisheries and Aquaculture research in Greece and constitutes three relevant Institutes. In the proposed research there will be collaboration between the Institute of Oceanography (IO), which will act as the main partner of the project. The IO has been involved in numerous EU-funded RTD projects, either as coordinator or as a partner (e.g. SESAME-IP (Coordinator), PERSEUS-IP (Coordinator), CINCS, MTP-II MATER (Coordinator for East Med), METROMED (Coordinator), KEYCOP, INTERPOL (Coordinator), ADIOS, BEEP, IASON (Coordinator), MERSEA-IP, HERMES, HERMIONE, EUR-OCEANS, ECOOP, CIRCE, SPICOSA, MESMA, MARIFISH, PEGASO, MyOcean, etc). In 2005, the Institute of Oceanography was awarded with the National Excellency Award in Greece. The HCMR is legally bound to apply the Water Framework Directive and the MSFD in Greece. The Centre has major field equipment, including 2 research vessels, 1 manned submersible, 2 ROVs and a range of water column and seabed sampling and surveying instruments.

46,7Km avenue Athens-Sounio, (Mavro Lithari)